Excellent Review of Flex

And by “excellent”, by the way, I don’t mean that it’s unconditionally glowing. I mean that it’s thorough, accurate, and objective.

In Peter Ent’s review of Flex, he discusses the processes and challenges of building five very different applications using Flex with J2EE back-ends. For each application, Peter describes the project, provides links to screenshots and zip files containing the source code, and discusses the benefits and challenges of using Flex (along with other technologies like Flash Communication Server, and even the charting components from B-Line Express). At the end he provides a short analysis of Flex as an alternative to JSP, and summarizes the processes of coding in MXML, debugging Flex applications, and using style sheets with Flex. And, of course, he has a few comments on Flex documentation, as well.

This is one of the most honest, straightforward, and comprehensive reviews of Flex I’ve seen so far, and it’s obviously written by someone who knows the technology he’s working with. (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s relatively short and very easy to read, as well.) If you looking for a detailed, objective perspective on Flex technology, this is it.

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