Flex Builder (aka Brady) Goes Live

If you’re doing Flex development, you will be happy to hear that Flex Builder — the Flex IDE we’ve been calling “Brady” — is now live. There’s tons of information about Brady on the site, which I’ll link to below, but I’ll give you the lowdown here to save you a few clicks.

Flex Builder is an IDE for developing Flex applications. It doesn’t just do MXML syntax highlighting and provide things like tag insight, though; it’s actually very tightly integrated with the Flex server and really streamlines Flex application development.

As you might have guessed, Flex Builder is for Flex developers, and really specializes in and focuses on Flex application development. It’s not a general purpose IDE like Dreamweaver or Eclipse.

Flex Builder comes with Flex. The Flex Builder trial comes with the Flex trial, and five licenses of Flex Builder come with every Flex license. (If you already purchased Flex, don’t worry — you can still get your Flex Builder licenses. See links below.)

You don’t need Flex Builder to build Flex applications. You can keep using Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Emacs, Vim, or whatever you like to use. If you’re using WIndows for Flex development, though (Flex Builder is only available on Windows), you might want to give it a try. I saw a demo of it last week, and it will really make Flex developers’ lives easier.

That’s Flex Builder at a high level. For more information, see:

One Response to Flex Builder (aka Brady) Goes Live

  1. Peter Tilbrook says:

    Cool! Now all I need is AUD$30,000.00 for Flex so I can use it beyond the beta version!