Get Macromedia Certified For Less

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So how many of you are Macromedia certified, and in what technologies? What do you think of software certifications in general? Personally, I think they’re a good thing. If I were hiring, I certainly wouldn’t base a decision solely on certifications, but it could help tip the scale one way or the other if two candidates were close. That, and of course a small bribe, or perhaps a new watch. 🙂

3 Responses to Get Macromedia Certified For Less

  1. Wow cool…. and in case people didn’t know some of the study guide books out there usually have a discount promo code inside through VUE testing services … of course I don’t think you can use BOTH promo codes. :)Personally I’d like to see a Macromedia do something to the equivalent of an MCSE … where you have several “tracks” of tests that lead to a higher level certification …I’m thinking “Certified Media Specialist”, “Flash Architect”, or something along those lines.I guess Macromedia Certified Trainer is the closest thing to that right now … and I’m not even sure what one needs to attain that …

  2. Steven Erat says:

    Sean Corfield’s blog had an interesting thread on the value of tech certifications, here: won’t rehash my opinion here too much, but I think that there are several distinct certificate types that should be considered differently. Vendor Multiple Choice certs, Vendor Performance based certs, University Continuing Education certs, increasing in merit in that order.

  3. Hi Christian,I recently acquired the Flash MX 2004 Developer certification. I was originally Flash 5 Developer Certified as well but I decided to skip the MX certification and go straight for the MX 2004 one.I think certification is a good thing. Besides tipping the scale during the hiring process as you mentioned, on a more personal level I think it helps gauge your knowledge and gives you an idea of how firm a grip you have on the technology, especially that exam reports give you, in addition to the final score, a breakdown of scores per section. This helps you pinpoint your weak areas in order to focus on developing them more.I’m currently working on becoming an MCI (Macromedia Certified Instructor) for Flash. The official courses one can get certified to deliver are Rich Media Design, Application Development, Application Development for Programmers, and Advanced Application Development. Yes you read that right – you need to be certified for each course individually.For those interested, more can be found here: