Macromedia News on Your iPod: Day Two

We’ve really gotten a tremendous response from the community on Take-Away, the project Mike and I launched yesterday which allows you to read and listen to Macromedia news on your iPod. Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions!

I probably should have mentioned that Take-Away is still in “beta”. That’s just a fancy way of saying that while it should always be available, occasionally things might not work perfectly. In fact, I have spent my morning fixing the first two bugs found in production:

  1. The generated MP3 files were being generated at a speed which is not compatible with the MP3 decoder built into the Flash Player, so the feeds were being played at 2x speed. While that’s great for productivity, and didn’t do much for comprehension. I have Robert Hall to thank for getting me on the right track toward fixing this issue, and now, you can play the generated MXNA MP3 files through Flash (has anyone built anything that does this yet?).
  2. As you might imagine, I have to do a significant amount of processing of feeds and posts before converting them into sound, most of which is done through regular expressions. I use a regular expression to remove URLs so people don’t have to sit there and listen to these long, 200 character URLs being monotonously read to them, however it turns out my expression was overly greedy, and was sometimes eating pieces of other people posts along with the URL. That’s fixed now, too. (For those of you who had your posts verbally mangled, sorry!)

Let me know if you see any other issues, and keep the great comments and suggestions coming!

3 Responses to Macromedia News on Your iPod: Day Two

  1. ericd says: posted with online version, a Windows Standalone, and a OSX Standalone as well. have fun with it!

  2. Paul Arce says:

    Hey christian, great stuff ….but your voice is terrible. chew some gum before hitting “record”!

  3. Paul Arce says:

    *chirp* … *chirp*