Where’s the Central Hotspot Finder?

Many of you have noticed that the Central Hotspot Finder is no more, and have been asking where it went. The Hotspot Finder application was based on an agreement which stipulated a one year life-span. This was long enough to allow Central 1.0 early adopters time to get a feel for the application’s functionality and its excellent use of online/offline functionality. Since the agreement has now expired, the Hotspot Finder application has been removed from the Application Finder. We certainly recognize that the Hotspot Finder was a popular application, and we are currently looking into ways in which me might revive it in the future. Some of the features in the upcoming release of Central 1.5 may even inspire some cool new functionality.

One Response to Where’s the Central Hotspot Finder?

  1. ericd says:

    for like $25 i can get a wifi detector @ compusa