Central 1.5 Launch: Get the Cliff Notes

If you’re curious about the Central 1.5 launch, but don’t have time to read through all the material on the website, you might want to check out the recorded Breeze Live presentation I did a couple of weeks ago. It’s a pretty good summary of the launch, and includes a discussion of the most salient new features, the future direction of Central, and a Q&A session at the end. No reading required, so watch it while you eat, or during your next incredible boring 60 minute meeting.


11 Responses to Central 1.5 Launch: Get the Cliff Notes

  1. I enjoyed listening to this while working. Thanks for making it public.I think that this version of Central is really good enough to say it fills a niche that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It really looks nice.At a few points you mentioned that you’d like to get feedback on what the next steps for v2 should be.I think a total blend with a flex service would be the way to go. Note “service” rather than just architecture.I understand the hesitation that that may cause, but as both Central and Flex are really all about web services I really can’t imagine it working any better way.The way I think it would work best would be1) you (obviously) make sure the flex model and components work in central and provide deveopers a few examples and pointers on managing data between the client and server side.2) you provide flex servers for deployment, and take a more significant % of the ducats. even 50% or more would then be reasonable.3) we have to submit our apps for a pretty tough review.Such a move forward would have many strenths.1) Flex and Central would be an awesome technology match.2) It would give flash developers a way to develop commercial apps with Flex without paying for a full server. It would improve both platforms, as Flex would benefit from the creativity of the communtiy and the ammount of developers it would attract. And Central would benefit hugely from having a server side platform as most shareware style Flash developers don’t have a good server infrastructure to draw upon.3) It would be reletively easy for folk to colaborate on their central apps and create shared datatypes for blasting to one another.I can’t think of anything that would be better than that for v2.

  2. Roman Rogner says:

    Hello,please, could you help me with problem concerning Central.I have problem with launching of MM Central. I installed this and when I start this, I can see only icon in systray and nothing happens…There is no reaction on clicking in menu…When I close icon in systray I see still Central in running processes and when I close it I can´t run Central anymore.What can I do, where is problem?Nobody from MM answered me in forum.I have Windowx XP Prof.Thanks

  3. Christian Cantrell says:

    I see some good suggestions here. Please make sure to submit them to:http://www.macromedia.com/go/wishThanks,Christian

  4. Thanks for the reminder Christian I’ll do that.Roman,It sounds like the install didnt complete sucessfully.There is one technote here that describes the problem for folks on a dialup connection if that describes you. It has a number of Components and some applications bundled with it, so the file size is about 2MB which can take a while over a modem.The technote basically says that if you’re using a modem you may need to wait longer, even after you’ve been notified that the install is complete it may not be yet.Here is the technotehttp://www.macromedia.com/support/central/ts/documents/central_dialup.htm?pss=rss_central_19530Christian, for the public release, it’s also probably a good idea to offer a place to order a cd with the install on it for folks with modems since lots of laptop users have modems and would benefit most from the occasionally connected features. I’ll add this to the go/wish as well.Roman,If you have a good connection it might be possible that there is a problem caused by a firewall or virus protection program, though I havn’t heard about that before.If you are using a good connection I would suggest that you uninstall central (from the add/remove programs option in control panell) and then reinstall it. But before doing so, turn off any virus protection or software firewalls you have temproraritly. Once central has been reinstalled turn your firewall and virus protection back on.Hope this helps.-Cort

  5. Roman Rogner says:

    Thanks Cort,I made it as you wrote but didn´t help. I have good connection and installation is always successfully.After installation appears in systray icon and when I click on it nothing happens. When I shut down Central and want launch again, nothing appears but in running processes I see running Central.Central doesn´t connect to internet because I don´t see any attempt of Central to go though firewall.Really don´t know…

  6. Christian Cantrell says:

    Please send installation issues directly to me, and I’ll forward them to the QA team to look at. Please include a detailed description, and your full name.Thanks,Christian

  7. Erki Esken says:

    I had also problems updating. I think they were related to me testing 1.0 beta release, since I had trouble going from beta to final 1.0 also.This time I tried web-initiated update, didn’t work. Then manually from Central, no go. Uninstalled from Add/Remove programs but MM site still thought I had Central installed and tried to upgrade. Finally I had to manually delete C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\www.macromedia.com\bin\central\ and C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Macromedia\Central\ folders to get 1.5 installed. After that Central ran smoothly.

  8. Christian Cantrell says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience, Eric. I’ve passed this along to our QA team. They may contact you via email if they need more details.

  9. morgan says:

    I have the exact same problems as Roman. I’ve tried disabling my virus protection aswell as removing the folders that Erki mentioned and installing again, but with no luck.

  10. Lynn Eriksen says:

    Christian, I’m glad I’ve stumbled on to Central 1.5 and the Mx 2004 updater at the same time.I’m and ASP.net developer (VS 2003) who cut his teeth for web stuff on Flash and Dreamweaver, but has been totally disapointed in MM since – I guess about 2001.It’s good to see some creative thought going on at MM regarding Central – I love the idea of building a Flash Application Browser outside of the web browser. Central and related components seem hopeful – but I need to do some exploring. What really seems to stand out is the Notifcation system and File I/O. That looks interesting.If I had my way I would abandon HTML and build Flash RIA apps for the small businesses I serve. It would give me a competative advantage. I would love to do Flex, but I don’t think MM has been creative enough in ‘distibuting’ the product so to speak. To be fair I do have a trial of Flex on order. I am hopeful that Flex will become a tool for the rest of us – what Flash pro really should be. The combination of Flex and Central could be very powerful. You have a lot of the Longhorn concepts between the two.I don’t need an IIS/.Net alternative. I do need a killer HTML UI WS-based alternative that is: 1) as easy to build as HTML, 2) looks great out of the box, 3) has next generation UI metaphors (accordian,tabs, etc.) out of the box, 4) allows for a secutity context (don’t really need threading), 5) is easy to deploy. 6) is affordable, and 7) has platform longevity.MM has done quite a few neat things with Flash since the MX release. However, there does not seem to have been a cohesive vision in product development, developer relations and general marketing. In the RIA arean – MM has but forward a lot of ‘want to’ – but it hasn’t been realized.Ever since I got my job here 4 years ago in late 2000, about every 3-6 months I dream about building flash apps. In my previous carreer as a teacher I did a lot of chemistry related demos using Flash. I was hired partly becasue I have a competancy in core Flash concepts (circa Flash 5) and I could probably be a good Flash Actionscripter if I put my mind to it. I love the technology – but I seems to be either a step or two beind or too expensive. I got a copy of Flash MX 2004 several moths ago. I was intregiued by the web services capabilities. The scritping was I little rough but not bad. Then I went looking for the Regex class – I stopped there becasue it didn’t exist.The author of this link sums up a lot of my thoughts : http://www.digital-web.com/articles/macromedia_flex_and_flex_builder/I’m going to give Central and Flex a try becasue I’m so bored and frustrated with HTML. I hope that you see my criticisms as a developer who would like to use your technology but does not have a lot of confidence in it. I also see your company has having the best possibility as providing a competative next-gen UI/app environment to MS Longhorn that is also cross platform and competative in pricing and features.I hope you deliver. The ball is in MM’s court.

  11. juslin says:

    I got the same issue as Roman and morganhas a solution be found?I using broadband, Win Xp2..