Cool Tool Friday: Stock Tickers

It occurred to me one day how useless it is to get stock quotes via SMS on my cell phone once a day from Yahoo! since one particular snapshot wasn’t telling me much. I could follow broad trends, but when it comes to making serious decisions, snapshots of delayed stock quotes are pretty useless.

I decided to install a stock ticker this morning to keep myself a little more current. (Ironically, it’s a bad day to be watching the market!) I settled on wStock for OS X which is a free utility that scrolls symbols and fluctuations across your menu bar. It’s free (which was my #1 requirement), and although the quotes are delayed (as all free quotes are, I think), I’m much better able to keep track of trends throughout the day.

I usually have to try several different applications before finding the best one out there, so I thought I get some feedback from you guys. Can anyone recommend a good stock ticker for OS X? What about Windows, for when I’m over on that side of the fence?

One Response to Cool Tool Friday: Stock Tickers

  1. prasanth says:

    try a program called klipo from serena they have a stock what which shows what you want. u can put five to six stocks and see how they are doing together or track a single stock. it shows the green and red arrows which is nice indication and it also give detal when u mouse over it mail me if u want more ingo i will send a screen shot if u want.