Cool Tool Friday: Macromedia Central 1.5

I usually don’t use Macromedia products as topics for Cool Tool Friday, but I’m going to make an exception this week. Macromedia Central 1.5 (code-named Gemini) is now live. Gemini is still a developer release, which means it is still meant for developers and early adopters rather than widespread end-user adoption, but it has a lot of very cool new features for developers to play with, like:

  • File I/O support
  • File upload and download support
  • Automatic network detection
  • Flash MX 2004 extensions to better integrate Flash authoring with Central during development
  • Support for Flash Player 7, ActionScript 2.0, and the new component architecture
  • Support for instant messaging and presence detection using the AOL AIM and ICQ networks

We’ve also significantly restructured the Central licensing models in ways we’re pretty sure developers will be very happy with (see link below).

To learn more about Gemini and what it means to you, take a look at the article “What is Gemini, and Why Should You Care?” That will give you a good foundation for understanding Central, and where the technology is headed. Here are some other resources you might find useful:

There are tons of resource available on the website, but if you have a question you can’t find an answer to, feel free to ask me.