Firefox 1.0 Preview Release Now Available

I’m a big Firefox fan, but recently, I was forced to downgrade from .9x to .8 because of certain bugs that had been introduced (OS X version). Even though it was frustrating to have to roll back, Firefox is still my favorite browser, so I’m really hoping for a better experience with the 1.0 preview release. It’s still a “technology release,” which means “While this software works well enough to be relied upon as your primary browser in most cases, we [the Firefox team] make no guarantees of its performance or stability,” but it has enough interesting new features (Live Bookmarks, improved find, Password Manager encryption), that I’m very curious, and anxious to give it a try. All we need now is for Firefox to come with Flash!

You can check out the new 1.0 preview release at the Firefox page on

2 Responses to Firefox 1.0 Preview Release Now Available

  1. Tomas says:

    Love FireFox so far…. Into my 3rd day of testing it as my main browser.Tabs rules! I still believe the switch to tabs in Dreamweaver was the biggest and most useful upgrade.IE, no tabs, hellooooooo???

  2. Ah, Firefox. I’ve been using it along with Thunderbird as IE and Outlook Express replacements since their early betas. Like almost everyone, tabbed browsing is what sold me immediately when I was making the switch, not to mention the built-in Googlebar, especially for someone like me who’s been using the IE Googlebar every since the Google guys first released it. The best feature of the new 1.0PR is RSS support. I’m a blogreading junkie and I was practically doing cartwheels when I realized they finally squeezed that feature in!Firefox 1.0PR reached 2 million downloads in 10 days. Now why am I not surprised? 🙂