Bug Tracking

What kind of bug tracking systems are people using out there? In particular, I’m interested in free, web-based systems. I’ve used Bugzilla in the past, and GNATS, both of which were decent, though I think I preferred GNATS. What’s your favorite, and why?

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  1. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    Not free, but we’ve used TestTrack Pro from Seapine Software (www.seapine.com) for several years now and find it to be a great defect tracking system. Bonus is how easy it is to integrate with CF via a web services API.

  2. Bill says:

    while not free I think FogBugz has a nice setup – it is very clean looking and seems easy to use. I have only seen the screenshots but I liked it enough where I built my own version of it in CF for internal use.Mine and theres are different in a lot of ways but the simplicity of the fogbugz interface really appealed to me

  3. tfitch says:

    At my old job we used JIRA, from http://www.atlassian.com.It was hands down the best issue management tool I’ve ever seen. It is my favorite because it has a clean and fully customizable UI. It looks like a designer and usability person worked on it, as opposed to bugzilla where it looks like a bunch of perl programmers made it.Also – it’s a J2EE app, but they say there is a bug in JRun that won’t allow it to run on JRun. I don’t know what that’s all about.

  4. Tony Blake says:

    I’ll throw in another vote for JIRA. They will host it for free if it’s for an open-source project.There are some really tiny annoyances, but these are usually personal preferences and can be safely ignored.It is possible to get JIRA running on JRun with some manual tweaking, but you lose the page decoration. (Sitemesh and JRun don’t get along)

  5. tfitch says:

    One more plus for JIRA that I forgot.You can setup RSS feeds for issues assigned to you. So you can get notification of new issues in your RSS reader if you do not want them in your email (or have both).JIRA’s feature set is huge and I’ve forgotten most of them, but this is one that I had to bring up when I remembered it.

  6. BugZilla is what IT uses here (the product teams have their own bug trackers). BugZilla can be a bit overwhelming but it open source and customizable (and free).

  7. Geoff Bowers says:

    We’ve used TestTrack Pro from Seapine at Daemon for years. What I like best is the client tools (web based interfaces are still not as good as a good desktop app). I’d also agree JIRA is worth considering.

  8. Jorrit says:

    Don’t forget RequestTracker, it’s free.

  9. Barry Frost says:

    I use Mantis (linked above) which has worked extremely well for our team of four developers. I’m quite interested in Trac ( http://www.edgewall.com/products/trac/ ) which integrates a bug tracker, Wiki and Subversion for web-based source control.

  10. Mercury Interactive’s Test Directoreasy to usecusomizalbeplenty more featuresi believe it costs alot though

  11. I’ve always developed my own, but i have read of FogBuzz thru Joel Spolsky’s book Joel On Software.Mine has been 1 segment of my project mgmt intranet that i always create at whatever job i have…This year’s project mgmt/bug tracking is called Scooby Doo, last year’s was Sharky.

  12. For my own personal development, I am starting to use Ray Camden’s coldfusion bug tracker called Lighthouse. At work, they use Mantis. For small projects with only a few developers, Lighthouse seems to work really well. It does not have the features of the larger apps, but then all I need is a place to record and track bugs.

  13. PaulH says:

    not that we’d ever need a bug tracker 😉 but ray’s lighthouse is plenty fine & easy to customize.

  14. Steve Ray says:

    I built my own, which is free and web-based. It’s written in Fb4, and it’s available for both a testdrive and download on my site (under the Tools section).Here are some of it’s features:Track bugs per applicationAssign bugs to a particular developerAssign severity and priority levels to each bugChange log for each bugIdentify a bug fix as having been testedIdentify a bug as having been squashedAdmin functions for viewing and adding applications and developersComes with create table scripts for MySQL, SQL Server and OracleIt doesn’t look like much, but it’s going to get a major facelift in the next release.Steve

  15. Phil Cruz says:

    I developed a ColdFusion/Mach-II based bug tracking app called Tracking Tools. Although it’s built with CF, I offer a standalone edition that bundles BlueDragon and the Cloudscape/Derby database server. The end user doesn’t have to own/install an app server or database. There’s a demo available for download at http://tracking-tools.com

  16. Anand says:

    Hi All,I am Using Test Track Pro. I am in need of moving to JIRA. I need to shift all my data from test track pro to JIRA. How can we do that. Plz the details to ananthonnet@hotmail.comThanx,Anand M