Cool Tool Friday: Community Vision 2.0

If you were hanging around the blogging scene last year around this time, you might remember Community Vision. Community Vision is an application that lets anyone publish images to a kind of public picture weblog. We launched it just before MAX last year, and collected a ton of cool pictures of all the goings on in Salt Lake City.

I just installed a new version of Community Vision, and I need your help testing it. The biggest changes I made were in the code that processes the emails and attachments. It should be significantly more robust now, and it should handle emails sent from all different types of devices. To help test, simply:

  1. Take any of type of digital picture with any type of device.
  2. Attach it to an email (using any type of device — all phones and PDAs should work) and send it to (the -at- should be ‘@’ — we had a massive spam problem last year).
  3. The subject of your email will be the image’s title, and the body will be the caption.
  4. Wait no more than five minutes, then check out your picture online.

Before participating, please check out the official rules and instructions by clicking on the “About Community Vision” link on the main Community Vision page. Also be aware that since this is a test, things may not go complete as planned, so if you notice that something has gone awry, let me know, and I’ll get it fixed.

One Response to Cool Tool Friday: Community Vision 2.0

  1. Seems to work great! I’ll try it directly from my T610 phone later.