Live (Almost) from Paris

Mike Chambers is in Paris right now, taking pictures with his Sidekick II and posting them to Vision. If you’re an art fan, check it out.

As an aside, I’m so amazed by technology sometimes. Yesterday, Mike was in a cafe in Paris and I was sitting in a line to get my car inspected in Virginia (I’m sure he wished our situations were reversed!) and were we able to chat in real-time as though we were both right in front of a PC. And thanks to MXNA Mobile, we were easily able to keep up with Macromedia community news at the same time. There’s no question that wireless is the wave of the future.

One Response to Live (Almost) from Paris

  1. Abdul Qabiz says:

    wow! you guys are fast…i saw youall in office just few days back..infact saw Mike three days back…what’s this visit about?cheers,AbdulFlex TeamMacromedia India.