MAXBloggers Mobile: Keep Up With MAX Anywhere You Go

Yesterday we launched MXNA Mobile — today it’s MAXBloggers Mobile. Keep up with all-things-MAX wherever you happen to be.

I think MAXBloggers Mobile is especially useful if you plan on attending MAX since you can keep up with what people are saying about the conference while you’re there without having to find a place to sit, break out your laptop, and pray for battery life and a WiFi connection. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

7 Responses to MAXBloggers Mobile: Keep Up With MAX Anywhere You Go

  1. Sven Claar says:

    Hi,is there any reason why my feed is not listed under maxbloggers?I have enter my feeddata but no confirmation or something like this?btw.. who managed the maxbloggers site? MM?Thanks in advanceSven

  2. Yes, MAXBloggers is managed by Macromedia (specifically myself, Mike Chambers, and Christine Lawson). Feeds are not automatically added to MAXBloggers because they need to be manually approved first, so there is a delay between the time they are submitted and actually added. I imagine your feed will be added by the end of the day.Christian

  3. Steve Ray says:

    I get a ‘file format unknown’ msg when I try to bring it up. Something different about this from the way you set up MXNA Mobile?

  4. Strange. So the MXNA one works, but not MAXBloggers?

  5. Steve Ray says:

    Yesterday, that was the case. Today I’m getting the message for both. 🙁

  6. Sven Claar says:

    Hi Christian,after 7 Days and again filled (2ndtime) out the form, my feed is not listed.Is this a political thing or why any other blogs are added but not my blog?;/Cheers,Sven

  7. Christian Cantrell says:

    I’m not sure what you are referring to, Sven. Your feed is listed, and we have already aggregated three of your posts.Christian