Mobile Aggregator Test

A couple of weeks ago, I launched a new general news aggregator called Newsbrew. A few days later, I created a mobile version. I tested the mobile version on my Sidekick II and a Motorola V600, but those are the only mobile devices I have access to right now. If you have some kind of mobile device with either a WiFi connection or GPRS, and you have some time to help me experiment, it would be a big help if you could give it a try and post your findings here. The mobile URL is:

Thanks for your help!

7 Responses to Mobile Aggregator Test

  1. ethan says:

    Christian, i hit it with my dell axim from my local starbucks and it looks good-is there anything specific your looking to test?Are you planning to make the “top technology terms” and “feeds in Technology” available as well-or did you yank them for size issues? -e

  2. kai says:

    I tried it with my Motorola MPx200 (see :-))) Worked fine and your pages rendered to fit the screen. Great work!

  3. Hilary Bridel says:

    Tried it on my Motorola A925 on the 3 network here in Australia.Works great!

  4. Christian Cantrell says:

    Thanks for your help!Thanks for the help, all. Ethan, I didn’t include the more advanced features of the web version because of size and formatting. The idea was to provide something very simple, small and fast. I’ve been thinking of adding a link to top terms, however, and putting them on their own page. Or I suppose I could put the top 5 in a select box. I’ll have to give that some thought…

  5. Bret says:

    will you release this app open source to the CF community?

  6. Trevor says:

    Looked and worked just fine on my motorola v300.

  7. nkosi says:

    Seems okay on Nokia 3650 network UK Vodafone.