Non-commercial Flex Licenses Now Available

Flex just became much more accessible. If you’re a student, educator, or if you run a non-commercial, non-institutional website, you can now use Flex for free in a production environment. From Macromedia’s site:

This software license will enable individuals, including students, technology educators and individual developers to build and deploy Flex applications at no cost (except for a small shipping and handling fee). Participants also receive 1 license of Macromedia Flex Builder, the Macromedia IDE for Flex.

Find out more (including exactly who qualifies) by reading the Flex FAQ.

4 Responses to Non-commercial Flex Licenses Now Available

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Christian,That is absolutely brilliant news! Have been wanting to show some of the stuff I’ve been working on so hope I’ll be able to blog about that in the near future.One thing I couldn’t quite work out from the license FAQ is that, if I build some Flex examples and post them on my blog, I am allowed to reference those in my portfolio. Is that commercial use, eventhough I created it for non-commercial purposes on my blog?

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    Peter,I’m sure that’s fine.

  3. Kowen says:

    Hiya,Does this mean an non-profit group outside of the u.s. is allow to use it as well, and if the site has some google adsense, advert to cover a certain amount of hosting costs.?

  4. Tim Ike says:

    Looks like blogging is totally fine…Who qualifies for this license?Individuals will be able to apply for a license in the coming weeks. Applicants will be required to accept a license agreement, and all applications will be reviewed by Macromedia.Participants may include those who meet the following criteria:Using Flex in a non-commercial and non-institutional manner.(Non-commercial use means that the software may not be used on any web site or application that sells, advertises, or otherwise promotes revenue-bearing products or services of any kind. Non-institutional use means that the software may not be used for any web site or application that facilitates the operation of any institution, including but not limited to corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, governments, or educational institutions.)Educators or students looking to learn or teach Flex.Bloggers who want to showcase Flex applications on their personal blog.To learn more about qualification, you can read the user scenarios.