Weblog Comment Changes

FYI, we just made some changes to the way comments are handled by our weblogs. If you see some odd behavior, feel free to email me. In fact, it might not hurt to leave a few comments here just as a test. Thanks!

13 Responses to Weblog Comment Changes

  1. Testing…Testing…1 2 3

  2. JesterXL says:

    This one time, at band camp…

  3. Christian Cantrell says:

    This is a test. Seems to be working.

  4. mike chambers says:
  5. Cantrell says:


  6. Mr. Lies says:

    This is not from a popup.

  7. foo2 says:


  8. me says:

    Making a comment.

  9. Anil Dash says:

    You guys need any help with your comment setup?

  10. Hans Omli says:

    Umm, I couldn’t submit my first post because my personal domain name (which is my first and last name together as a single word followed by .com) was considered questionable content. I had to change my email address, remove my URL, and not mention my domain in the comments for the submission to be accepted. Was it something I said??? Ouch!

  11. Abel R. says:

    Testing….testing. This thing on?