Xbox Flash Video Experiment

A few of us (Mike Chambers, Mike Downey, and Danny Dura, primarily) were experimenting with Flash video last night, and it just so happens there was an Xbox and a copy of Star Wars Battlefront lying around the office that were just begging to be experimented with. Mike Chambers is going to post the final results and details of the test sometime today (I’m about to get on a plane, which is why I’m blogging now), but just to give you a preview, we basically found a way to split the audio and video feeds between a plasma and a PowerBook where we recorded the feed with iMovie, then compressed the movie into Flash video. Before that, we played a few rounds while broadcasting live via DevChat and Flash Communication Server. It all worked perfectly as Mike will demonstrate at some point today, and we even managed to crush the rebels in the process. Just imagine the possibilities for the gaming industry!

One Response to Xbox Flash Video Experiment

  1. JesterXL says:

    Imp’s are l@m3rz… may the Impire fall.Seriously, that was a phat demonstration. It was funny seeing inverse controls effect on Danny.