Free Timbuk2 Macromedia Flash Bag

First person to find me at MAX and tell me they saw this post on MAXBloggers gets a very nice red Macromedia Flash Timbuk2 laptop bag (about a $100 value).

5 Responses to Free Timbuk2 Macromedia Flash Bag

  1. Gabriel Laet says:

    Where I buy the Flash Bag? 🙂

  2. no longer can you say that your a great flash developer just cause you have the bag!!! i find this kinda funny, and yet very relieving because I don’t have the bag and can still code out killer ria’s. 😉

  3. Dirk says:

    I’ve been looking for you for days now – and now you make it even worse and give away a bag for the lucky one who finds you… c’mon 🙂

  4. Simeon says:

    I GOT THE BAG!!!!!!I read this post yesterday before I went to the sneaks presentation. I saw that people had already posted comments so i figured he had already been hit up dozens of times.So I am sitting there waiting for sneaks to start visiting with some people around me, when I see Christian go buy. So I shout out and get his attention.Sure enough I was the first. So excited. Beautiful BAG!Thanks Christian!

  5. Gabriel Laet says:

    Nice!Macromedia could to send for User Groups the bag :)Congratulations for you bag Simeon!