MAX Update: Keynote

I’m not going to get into specifics since Mike Chambers and Kevin Lynch have blogged most of the details, but I will say that it was a very good keynote, and an excellent crowd. The ColdFusion stuff was great. If you’ve seen or spoken to Ben Forta in the last few months, you’ve seen the Flash forms stuff he showed this morning, but I don’t think anyone has seen any of the SMS functionality yet. At the beginning of the keynote, we did a mock presidential election via SMS, then later created a Flash, FlashPaper, and PDF report out of the results, all with ColdFusion. (Yes, SMS functionality, built into Blackstone.)

I also really liked the Flash Player 8 (Maelstrom) demo that Mike Downey did. Basically, the next version of the Flash player is going to emphasize performance, expressiveness, and development standardization, although that description doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. What that translates into is that the next Flash Player will be very fast and extremely slick, and in my opinion, the most important and impressive version yet. Kevin Lynch helped put it into perspective by saying that we are putting more engineering effort into Maelstrom than all the previous versions of the Flash Player combined.

Check out Kevin’s and Mike’s posts for more info.

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