Macromedia Launches New Support Knowledge Base

So how many of you have had trouble finding a tech note, security bulletin, or Developer Center article on Macromedia’s site? Adding search powered by Google has helped tremendously, and now Macromedia has just added a second very powerful tool: the Macromedia Knowledge Base.

The idea of the Macromedia Knowledge Base is that it focuses specifically on support documents as opposed to indexing the entire site. In addition to returning highly relevant results, the Knowledge Base gives you a great deal of additional control over your search, and offers categorized alternatives to help you narrow down and further focus your results. If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t, and if it sounds powerful, it certainly is.

During a test this morning, I did a search for “jrun flash remoting” and although I only got back 53 results, they were 53 highly relevant results like “Consuming Web Services with Macromedia JRun 4 and Flash Remoting,” “Configuring Flash Remoting with JRun 4,” “How to connection to a JavaBean using Flash Remoting and JRun 4/J2EE,” and “Flash Remoting checklist for JRun 4 users.” I was also presented with several related alternatives as well as the ability to search within my existing search results. Very nice.

For more information, have a look at the Macromedia Knowledge Base FAQ (which includes a cool demo), or just jump right in!