Submitting Flash Forms Without Refreshing

I’ve been working on a way to submit Blackstone Flash forms without refreshing the page, and I have it working quite well. The code lets you either submit data to the server without re-rendering the Flash, or submit the data to a different window (the CFFORM tag supports targets, but the target attribute doesn’t give you a way to submit to a different window).

I’ve only tested it with Firefox, but I’m pretty sure it will work on all modern browsers. It’s a bit too early to release the code just yet, but once Blackstone is live, I’ll release the code along with a tutorial.

What do you guys think of what you’ve seen of Flash forms so far?

5 Responses to Submitting Flash Forms Without Refreshing

  1. Brad Fetter says:

    Hi Christian,I’m been on the blackstone beta team for a while and I think the new flash forms are fantastic. I built a business card wizard using the data binding feature that has really been hit here amoung the staff. I can’t wait to put blackstone into production at my office. Is there a place where I can try out the code your referring to? That would sure improve usability in some use cases…

  2. Mike Klepper says:

    Hi Christian,This is great news! Without something like this, Flash forms are not worth the download time and CPU cycles. Any clues on how you did it? Was it with a separate SWF that included all the needed remoting and XML code? And did you use JavaScript to have the fixed SWF and the Blackstone communicate with each other? :-)Mike

  3. L Y says:

    Just wondering that since CFMX 7 is now live, will you be releasing this code soon? I can’t wait to see how you managed to get CFMX-generated flash forms to interact with other CFM templates without refreshing.

  4. Justin Alpino says:

    Couldn’t this be acheived returning an http status code 204 from the form’s target location?for example:<cfheader statuscode=”204″ /><!— handle the form submission —>There was a great article in CFDJ on the subject:HTTP Status Codes: Do the UnthinkableImplement threading using CFML

  5. Kola says:

    Did you ever get round to releasing your code for this?