What Are You Hoping For This Holiday Season?

Ok, I’ll admit that I get just as excited on Christmas morning now as I did when I was a kid. The only difference is that I usually don’t have time to get excited until late Christmas Eve whereas when I was a kid, I started getting excited days and even weeks in advance. Still, it’s a great time of year of many reasons, but I’m not ashamed to admit that in addition to spending additional time with my family and especially with extended family, I also love getting presents!

The problem is that my tastes have gotten too expensive and specific for most people who give me gifts, so unless I’ve asked for something by model number, I never know what I’m going to end up with. I’m hoping for a new watch or two. Although my taste in watches is getting a pretty esoteric (and too expensive), there are always some nice Casio, Fossil, Timex, Swiss Army or Swatch models to be had. And I’m hoping for some Sopranos DVDs since I’m determined to own them all some day. I’ll probably get a Star Wars DVD box set even though I already have two. And I wouldn’t mind getting Start Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, though I think I might have added that to my list too late, so I’ll probably have to get it with the Best Buy gift certificate I’m certain to get from someone who didn’t know what the heck to get me. I think I’m actually ok on computer equipment this year, and none of my essential devices (digital camera, GPS, MP3 player, etc.) need updating. Too bad the PSP isn’t out yet, or that would probably be at the top of my list. Anyway, I hope I’m not coming across as too materialistic, but I love getting new toys now as much as I did as a kid, and I will be giving plenty of toys to others to make sure they are equally surprised and excited.

So what are you hoping for this holiday season, and what kind of clever gifts did you get for others?

11 Responses to What Are You Hoping For This Holiday Season?

  1. Alex Sherwood says:

    I’m hoping for a shiny new license for Flex for my new quad Xeon box.

  2. ross says:

    I’m hoping for a new Wacom tablet.

  3. Rob Brooks-Bilson says:

    I’m hoping for peace on earth. Doesn’t look like I’m getting that this year, though. Oh well, maybe next year…

  4. Critter says:

    I am hoping my ex-wife packs up her shit and heads back to england. or a great dane puppy

  5. steve rittler says:

    Rob, you won’t stand a chance of that until 2009 at the earliest 😉

  6. Tony Hsieh says:

    I hope that I will be as excited about Director 2005’s new features (*PRAYING FOR* more powerful [and widely supported] 3d engine, better AS2.0-like language, and old bugs fixed!) as I am about the new 8-ball features for Flash 2005…But aside from that… peace on earth sounds good to me, too.

  7. Steve Ray says:

    I’m hoping for an XBox from my wife, and an upgrade to Flash MX2004 Professional from me. I’ll sure be disappointed if I don’t myself that.

  8. N Rohler says:

    I’m hoping that MS will abandon IE, and tell the wold to use Firefox! ;)Also, a Cubbies pennant & world series win would be great.

  9. Adedeji Olowe says:

    I’m hoping that it won’t be too cold tomorrow so that I can make the trip to see my little niece in ireland. The smile that a surprise visit would put to her face is somehow more important than peace on earth (anyone ever seen that before?)

  10. Critter says:

    holy crap!!, I got my second choice. a 6 week old great dane! She’s all black, except for a few white bits. I shall call her Cracker!

  11. iongion says:

    Wish for a better life, for something to comme up, for me not working 25h/day, for passing my aerospace exams, for reading Knuth’s books.For learning FLEX, for making an alternative flashcomm like server in php5, for 3ds max or Maya skills, for learning SWT and SWF.For beeing healthy, for reading castaneda’s books ( for understanding them 🙂 ).For not complaining in blogs like this how bad life is.FOR A BETTER WORLD, WITH PEACE and GOD, no matter his name!