Cool Tool Friday: “The Mouse”

It’s no secret that I like Macs. I even like the controversial Apple Mouse, not
because it only has one button, but because it’s the most ergonomic mouse I’ve
found, and that one button has a great feel with great feedback. But only
having one button is kind of lame and terribly outdated. Frankly, I can’t even
remember a time on Windows or Linux that I haven’t had at least a two-button mouse,
if not a three or five-button optical with a scroll-wheel.

But now I have the best of both worlds. I was at MacWorld a couple weeks ago,
and I discovered "The Mouse" made
by a company called DVForge. DVForge describes
their design goals for "The Mouse" like so:

"To build a state of the art USB [or bluetooth] mouse, especially for Apple
computer owners who want the gorgeous Apple-like look, but who also want the
functionality of multiple buttons and a scroll wheel. Make it have a familiar
clear over white, high-quality appearance. Add a model with a silvered inner shell,
to match nicely with Apple’s Aluminum Powerbook and G5 look. Make it work and
hold up really well."

I bought the USB version shortly after returning from the conference, and I’ve
been very happy with it. It has a lot of the feel of Apple’s one-button mouse —
and in fact, only appears to have one button — but if you press down on the
right side, it registers a right click. It’s actually kind of strange. There is
also a very smooth scrollwheel in the center. The optical sensor works better than
that of the Apple Mouse as it works on my white desk surface which seems to incapacitate
my Apple Mouse. The feel of the buttons aren’t quite a crisp as the Apple Mouse,
but having two buttons and a scrollwheel are worthwhile tradeoffs.

What kind of mouse do you use, and do use it because you like it, or because you
got it for free and you’re too cheap to replace it?