Cool Tool Friday: “The Mouse”

It’s no secret that I like Macs. I even like the controversial Apple Mouse, not
because it only has one button, but because it’s the most ergonomic mouse I’ve
found, and that one button has a great feel with great feedback. But only
having one button is kind of lame and terribly outdated. Frankly, I can’t even
remember a time on Windows or Linux that I haven’t had at least a two-button mouse,
if not a three or five-button optical with a scroll-wheel.

But now I have the best of both worlds. I was at MacWorld a couple weeks ago,
and I discovered "The Mouse" made
by a company called DVForge. DVForge describes
their design goals for "The Mouse" like so:

"To build a state of the art USB [or bluetooth] mouse, especially for Apple
computer owners who want the gorgeous Apple-like look, but who also want the
functionality of multiple buttons and a scroll wheel. Make it have a familiar
clear over white, high-quality appearance. Add a model with a silvered inner shell,
to match nicely with Apple’s Aluminum Powerbook and G5 look. Make it work and
hold up really well."

I bought the USB version shortly after returning from the conference, and I’ve
been very happy with it. It has a lot of the feel of Apple’s one-button mouse —
and in fact, only appears to have one button — but if you press down on the
right side, it registers a right click. It’s actually kind of strange. There is
also a very smooth scrollwheel in the center. The optical sensor works better than
that of the Apple Mouse as it works on my white desk surface which seems to incapacitate
my Apple Mouse. The feel of the buttons aren’t quite a crisp as the Apple Mouse,
but having two buttons and a scrollwheel are worthwhile tradeoffs.

What kind of mouse do you use, and do use it because you like it, or because you
got it for free and you’re too cheap to replace it?

9 Responses to Cool Tool Friday: “The Mouse”

  1. I’m using a Logitech Cordless Click Mouse. I have the middle button mapped to F5 (refresh in many applications) and the two buttons by my thumb mapped to ALT-right and ALT-left (forward and back in many applications).It feels and works great on my desk surface. I’ll never go back to a corded mouse.

  2. Pete Aylward says:

    I use ‘The Mouse’ too and love it, but do miss the clicking the wheel in place of cmd+tab you get with a M$ mouse. Small price to pay though, for something that looks so sweet!

  3. nick says:

    I’ve used Logitech’s Trackman Marble for years (the corded one, cuz I’m cheap and don’t really care ;). I’ve got 3 of them.But lately I’ve really wanted to upgrade to the Logitech cordless laser mouse – the MX1000I’ll break down and buy it one of these days, but until then I’m plenty happy. I’ve got a powerbook with SideTrack installed, and with the corners and edges mapped to different things, it does most of what I want w/o an external appendage.

  4. I have The Mouse BT – hate it. I’m suck a bluetooth nut that I thought I had to have it. The darned thing just won’t track consistently – which as a designer is a no go.I do like the feel of the mouse, and the scrolling is great. The BT implementation is just off. Maybe a firmware update would fix it. Does a mouse have firmware?

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  6. barneyb says:

    I got a basic USB Logitech optical wheel mouse. Probably cost me nearly $15, but I love it. I’ve got at least three of them. Small and light, with good feedback from the buttons and wheel, and since I’ve got big ol’ monkey hands, the perfectly vertical sides are ideal, because I have to pinch-grab it, rather than resting my hand on it. In other words, I only touch with my fingertips; my palm floats above the mouse. And yes, I’ve tried other larger mice that actually fit in my hand, and I haven’t found one that’s comfortable.

  7. Jon Wright says:

    Well I use the standard optical mouse from Apple for my Macs. However I have been using a Logictech wirless mouse that has had to be replaced for the third time in a year. For some reason it just refuses to work and freezes. I am using this mouse with my Laptop running XP. The shop are getting sick of me coming in for a replacement and the next time it happens I want my money back and so may just have a look at the new mouse as a replacement.

  8. guy says:

    Sad but true, I like my microsoft optical. The Mac I use at work and the PC I use at home have a M.S. optical in comon to keep me grounded.

  9. Peter J. Farrell says:

    I have to ditto Nick’s post. I use the Logitech Marble FX (a little different from Nick’s – and not thumb operated). It’s the best pointing device I’ve ever used. I have wrist problems and my docter suggested I switch from a mouse to trackball as it’s easier of the wrist and more to do with your fingers. Plus, you never have to pick up the move because you’ve run out of desk! I have to admit I’m pretty sad that Logitech no longer make the model I really like (no thumb operated trackballs for me)…I hope mine never dies!I also have a Logitech optical mouse based on the UltraX versions of keyboard that I like to use on the road.