Free Blogs!

I’m playing catch-up with email and weblogs right now, but in case you hadn’t
heard, Sys-Con publishing is giving out free
. I haven’t tried their interface,
but Simon
Horwith has
, and he seems impressed. If you have something interesting to
add to the software development blogosphere, go
have a look

4 Responses to Free Blogs!

  1. SJ says:

    It looks like it is in partnership with long-time free CFML (BlueDragon) based blog provider.

  2. Yes, it is BlueDragon powered…

  3. Christian,Thanks for pointing this out. I hadn’t yet heard about it.So I opened and account, and wrote up a review of the free blogs. I think it’s an excellent deal for the money, and if you decide to pay for the rest you get an even sweeter package for the dough.Some things I’d change, some I wouldn’t, but I think overall it’s a really nice free blog.Laterz!

  4. noneofyourbusness says:

    I really want to make a blog but how? I have macromedia flash mx and have done my layout and am now wanting to make a blog with those pics.BUT HOW???? please send how i make one to me.I think your site is good but tje layout is boring.