JavaScript References

Now that Netscape’s JavaScript reference material appears to be gone, what are people using for online resources? Once I discovered DevEdge was no more, I resorted to some old-fashioned paper-based O’Reilly books. Today I started using Google to find some new online resources, and I’m surprised by how hard good ones are to come by. Any favorites?

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  1. Steve Ray says:

    Somebody in Australia recreated some of it as a sidebar for Firefox. It includes stuff for CSS 1 and 2, the DOM, HTML, XSL and more.You can check it out by saving this URL as a bookmark, and checking the ‘view in sidebar’ option in it’s properties:

  2. Daniel Roberts says:

    Thanks Steve

  3. Mike Rankin says:

    I primarily use Danny Goodman’s Javascript Bible. I pretty much leave the cd loaded all the time and just pull up the pdf when I need it. Being able to search through the text is great.I find I use the cd more than the actual book. It’s so large and cumbersome.Currently i’m using the gold edition which is a little out of date. The current edition is on my list of things to get at Amazon.

  4. barneyb says:

    I usually hit DevGuru ( which is a Microsoft dev shop that happens to have a pretty nice online JavaScript reference. You can also purchase a copy for local browsing for like $5 or something.

  5. Anj says:

    The O’Reilly Javascript book.

  6. I find this handy from time to time: I have gotten so accustomed to using qforms when issues creep up that I need to solve the problem is usually just search in google which turns up someone who solved the same problem or something similar enough by which I can get an answer.This is also useful, although I haven’t used it in awhile.. it was in my favorites, in the wrong folder!

  7. you might also try the IRT site They have an excellent set of references for javascript:,larry