Macrochats Are Back!

Macrochats are Breeze Live presentations focusing on a specific technical topic given by product engineers or community leaders. We first experimented with Macrochats during Community Week, and found they were extremely successful (attracting more than 700 people for a single topic), so we’re bringing them back. This time, however, we are going to limit attendance to 200 people per session in order to better manage the question and answer period (imagine 700 people asking questions all at once!), but they will all be recorded, and presentations which prove wildly successful will be given again. Here’s the official messaging:

“Macromedia is now offering in-depth technical live product presentations called Macrochats. These differ from our traditional seminar series because Macrochats are precise technical demonstrations on specific products. Macrochats are live technical discussions led by product engineers, technical support engineers and customer leaders. The content of the Macrochats vary across all Macromedia products and technical levels. MacroChats are done online utilizing Macromedia Breeze Live and there is no charge to participate. Each Macrochat is limited to 200 participants.

We record Macrochats so you can view at your leisure. Check out the schedule and recordings here: