New LiveDocs Features

The Macromedia IMD and web teams have added some new features to Macromedia
. You can now generate comment reports, sign up for email notifications
when new comments are added, and read comments via RSS. Just drill down to any
LiveDocs page, and look for links to the new features at the bottom.

Right now, only
documents with existing comments contain links to RSS feeds. If the document has
no comments, no RSS link is available. However, if you’re determined to track documents
with no comments via RSS, just find a document that does have an RSS feed, and
make the appropriate adjustments to feed’s URL so that it points to the page that
you want to track.

4 Responses to New LiveDocs Features

  1. Damon Gentry says:

    1 suggestions for the RSS feed.I view RSS feeds in Sage for Firefox. The RSS url for all comments on any page read the same (“New Macromedia LiveDocs Comments”). Can you make the title of the feed the same as the title of the page? (IE: CFLDAP – Livedocs). That way, I’ll know which Livedoc page I’m reading and I don’t have to guess, based upon the comments.

  2. Erki Esken says:

    Add CFML color coding to CF LiveDocs. So when someone enters example CF code in comments it gets outputted in a nice PRE block with colored code (there was a free tag in the Exchange for this if I remember correctly).

  3. This is pretty cool. Thanks!I’m not sure where to provide feedback so thought I’d do it here. Some of the comment feeds are returning an xml parse error. For example:

  4. Larry C. Lyons says:

    Greetings,One suggestion I have is to make LiveDocs searchable. Its much easier than trudging through each and every page when you’re just looking for some some small bit of information.regards,larry