Optimized Firefox Builds

By now, I’m sure all you Firefox users have seen how you can tweak Firefox so that it loads and renders pages faster by configuring it to open more simultaneous connections. (If not, check out the post on Hack A Day). But did you know that you can optimize Firefox further by downloading optimized builds? At least Mac users can. I assume the PC builds are already pretty well optimized, but I definitely noticed a difference with the optimized PowerPC build.

6 Responses to Optimized Firefox Builds

  1. John Giotta says:

    The optimization tweaks that can be found on Hack A Day will sometimes cause Flash to not load properly.I’ve been experiencing intermittent problems with large SWF’s since I made the tweaks.

  2. Josh Dura says:

    Also, if you want middle click capability on a Mac (scrollwheel click on a link opens in a new tab, scrollwheel click on a tab closes the tab, etc.) download any nightly build from mozilla.org AFTER december 17th. They were using the old one button mouse code in previous versions, and have finally updated to Carbon code which recognizes a lot more mouse button functionality.

  3. Hmm, I downloaded the latest optimized build and no Flash forms worked at all – the fields never received focus so you couldn’t type anything.I’ll try an earlier recent optimized build and report back.

  4. Nope, all builds from 12.20 thru 01.05 break Flash text fields it seems…

  5. Christian Cantrell says:

    That’s strange. I don’t have that problem. Oh, well. I guess the need for Flash outweighs the need for speed.

  6. tanguyr says:

    Optimized Firefox and Thunderbird builds for PCs are available from http://www.moox.ws/tech/mozilla//t