What Kinds of New Year’s Resolutions Do Developers Make?

I know it’s the 6th already, but I figured I’d give people a few days to solidify their resolutions, and possibly abandon a few that haven’t worked out already. What interesting resolutions have you made for 2005? Are they mostly personal resolutions, or professional?

I’ve resolved to give Eclipse another chance. I’ve tried it twice in the past, and haven’t liked it either time for various reasons, but people keep raving about it, so I’m determined to keep trying new builds until I find one I like.

I’ve also resolved to get back into Java to some extent. I used to be a Java developer before working for Macromedia, but for the last two years, I actually haven’t done much Java development. This should mesh well with my Eclipse resolution.

As far as personal resolutions go, I’m trying to go to bed earlier, get more sleep, and only drink decaf or half-caf coffee. Oh, and I should probably do something about my watch buying habit, but I’m not sure I’m ready to admit yet that I have a problem.

6 Responses to What Kinds of New Year’s Resolutions Do Developers Make?

  1. JesterXL says:

    Manage money; not better, just do it. I spend a countless amount of cache on assets that help my career and contracting business endeavors… and I get no tax breaks for it. Supposedly I can get a lot of dough compensated for, even without formally making a company name, although many have stated that’s the way to go. B/c that is a significant behavioral change, it must be made into a resolution of determination for me to do it.

  2. It may seem a bit ambitious, but I have 3 resolutions as they relate to being a developer:1. To learn to use OO in CF.2. To complete my MCDBA certification3. To start exploring Java programming.

  3. Steve Ray says:

    My resolution is to get certified in Flash. I just upgraded to Professional, and I’m taking the online courses from Macromedia. After that, I’ll be doing one or two classroom courses, and then on to certification. It’ll tie in nicely with my CF work, give me experience in Actionscript, and make me more marketable.

  4. Ben Forta says:

    Each your I resolve not to make any more resolutions. Easiest resolution to live with. 😉

  5. Vera says:

    My resolution is to blog more! My blog has been sad lately. Oh yeah, and it would be great to write a chapter or two in a book. Yes.

  6. Jason says:

    Ben,I did something very similar… A few years ago, my resolution was to not make any more resolutions, so I haven’t had any new years resolution for quite some time… lol :-)Jason