A New Way to Get Answers

My job requires me to write a lot. And to read a lot, as well. So it’s nice to
have a dictionary handy. I used to use dictionary.com until
I learned from
Google switched from using dictionary.com to using answers.com.
To see what I mean, do a search for something like kittens
on Google
, and look up in the right-hand corner. That "definition" link now
points to answers.com rather than dictionary.com. Anyway, I figured if it was good
enough for Google, it must be good enough for me, so I gave it a try, and I like
it much better. The interface is far superior and you get much more information
from several more sources, including Wikipedia,
another favorite resource of mine. And you can hear a pronunciation without subscribing
to Dictionary.com Premium for
$19.95 per year.

The best thing, though, are the additional
answers.com makes available.
Of course you get your standard Firefox search plug-in, but I also downloaded their
1-Click Answers application which basically puts a miniature version of their site
on your desktop. Whenever I need to look up a word or double check spelling, I
can now highlight it, and hit alt+command g (on a Mac) to have 1-Click Answers
jump to the foreground and give me the information I’m looking for. Assuming
it’s not
it’s a great little application to keep running. There’s also an RSS
for daily
highlights, and Answer boxes that
you can put on your site.