Apple Updates iPods

Apple has just made some changes to their growing
family of iPods
. You can now
get a 6GB iPod mini for $249, and a 30GB iPod photo for $349. Looks like they have
all their bases covered at this point.

How many people out there don’t have
an iPod. If not, what are you using?

11 Responses to Apple Updates iPods

  1. /david says:

    Using an Archos Video AV140. A little old at this point (~2 years), but still works fine. Plays MP3s as well as MPEG video (though I usually plug it into a monitor/TV and don’t use the 2″ color LCD on it) and shows JPEGs. Also has an external encoder that makes it into a PVR when hooked up to my TV.Not as slick looking as the iPod, but still pretty cool. Newer versions sound even better.

  2. My Treo with a 1gig SD card. Phones are the IPOD’s biggest long-term competitor. My music storage device is effectively zero-sized, as I am carrying it around with me already.

  3. Peter Witham says:

    Using an iPod 3G 40gb but also still use my trusty Sony NetMD, ya can’t beat the 50 hours on one AA battery!

  4. Patrick says:

    Using Creative Nomad Zen Xtra. Battery lasts forever, plays anything, 30GB costs around $200. Works with iTunes with a little workaround, but nothing too difficult.

  5. Tom Cornilliac says:

    I don’t have an iPod (lowers head in shame), heck I don’t even have a portable MP3 player (still lower). I’m still chained to my Laptop if I want to listen to music.

  6. Ryan Guill says:

    I also have a netmd from sony, and love it. It also has a fm and tv tuner in it which is a great feature. The software that comes with it isn’t the best thing ever put out by any means, but it suffices. Of course the netmd isn’t quite as beautiful as the ipod, but then again, Im not away from my computer all that often anyway.

  7. Hans Omli says:

    I use my cell phone with a 512MB miniSD card. I’m jealous of all those iPod owners out there.

  8. Steve Ray says:

    I’ve got a Nokia 3300 that can play about 1 1/2 hours of mp3s or aac’s (plus do all the messaging, phoning, and personal productivity apps). So, yeah, I can’t carry my whole collection around with me, but I can easily transfer stuff back-and-forth via USB. One of these days, I’ll get one (an iPod). Probably when I get a phone that can do Flash.

  9. Jacob says:

    I don’t own a cell phone, portable music device, or even have high-speed internet (dial-up works fine for me). I love the iPods but then when I try to think about when I would actually use one, I can’t think of a time… Kudos for Apple and the new upgrades, however!

  10. Stefan Visser says:

    iRiver H340. For the price of an iPod, but with much more functionality. (can you say usb-on-the-go? but only usb1.1 though..)

  11. I don’t have an iPod. (And, to answer the question, I do mention something that I do own to answer the question.) I’ll admit I’m attracted to them, but I really can’t see using one. Walkmans were popular 20 years ago and while I can see many differences, the main similarity–wearing headphones and thereby removing oneself from the rest of the world–is something I just don’t see. Sure, in the car or while working out or whatever… seems useful. I just can’t see wearing headphones.Now, I do have a killer gadget: squeezebox from I have over 100 gigs of all my CDs–many ripped as WAVs (compressed as FLAC) and they sound great on my stereo. I have a second squeezbox hooked to the stereo next to the TV in the family room. It’s very convenient.I guess my question for the iPod generation: WHERE do you use your iPod?