CFMX 7 in the News

Here are all the mentions of the CFMX 7 launch in the news that I’m aware of:

Props to Macromedia PR for digging up all these articles.

4 Responses to CFMX 7 in the News

  1. Alex Sherwood says:

    Hey Christian.Curious…why wouldn’t MM create new animations to appear in the prime space at the top of’s a little curious that such a big product launch would get a small space under the general “products” section, while the same old banners for Breeze and Contribute would continue to run at the top.Is this indicative of how CFMX7 is viewed in the context of the MM product library?!?!

  2. Christian Cantrell says:

    Here’s a good start:

  3. Hi — You forgot to mention Fusion Authority’s coverage: DinowitzEditorFusion AuthorityThe House of Fusion Technical Magazine

  4. gabriel says:

    Great list of release notes…this is really helpful for me to point some of my none tech managers to, in order to show the benefits of upgrading.Thanks,Gabriel