Macromedia is Looking For a Flex Evangelist

Macromedia is hiring! If you are excited by innovative new web technologies, and
think you can inspire excitement in others, this could be an opportunity for you.
The two most important qualities for a position like this are technical knowledge
and speaking/meeting skills. Here’s a summary from the job posting:

As a Technical Evangelist for Macromedia Flex, the new presentation server for
building enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications, you will be responsible for
generating excitement around the technology. Your unique combination of deep technical
skills and outstanding communication skills will allow you to inspire a wide variety
of audiences, from business owners to hardcore architects and developers.

Requirements include a strong background in software engineering (server- and
client-side), thorough knowledge of J2EE and/or .NET, knowledge of design patterns,
outstanding speaking and writing skills, and one or two other key qualities.

Check out the job posting for more information, including how to apply.

One Response to Macromedia is Looking For a Flex Evangelist

  1. someone says:

    I vote for Stephen “Spike” Milligan ( wine and dine him. I think he would be a great asset to the company and the flex project