Sony PDAs Going Away Forever

Back in July of last year, I made a post called No
More Sony Clies In the US
about Sony’s decision to only sell their PDAs in
Japan. Well now, according
to Reuters
, they are discontinuing Clies altogether.

"The PDA market is being encroached by cellphones and other mobile devices
that can offer similar functions, making it difficult for PDAs to maintain their
position in the market," a Sony spokeswoman said.

Wow, I remember the very first Clies, and now it’s all over. Anyway,
enough nostalgia. Smart phones are all the rage right now. Personally, I use a Sidekick
which I love, and I’d never go back to a standard
PDA. (I do use a Garmin iQue,
too, to find my way, but that’s hardly standard.) Recently, I even started playing
with the Abacus
Wrist PDA
which is a lot of fun. What kinds of PDAs and smart phones are you
guys using these days? Likes and dislikes, pros and cons? Where do you see the
world of mobile heading now that one might declare the end of PDAs?