Advanced JavaScript Settings in Firefox

There are few things I hate more than websites that resize and/or move your browser.
I don’t visit a lot of sites that would tend to use such techniques, but every now
and then, I’ll come across one. I found one the other day (a watch-related site
which I will allow to remain anonymous) at which point I decided I would not quit
until I found a way to configure Firefox to not allow such poor JavaScript behavior.
Fortunately, the solution was simple. Open up Firefox preferences, go to Web Features,
and click on the "Advanced…" button next to JavaScript. You can allow
or disallow the following:

  • Move or resize existing window
  • Raise or lower windows
  • Disable or replace context menus
  • Hide the status bar
  • Change the status bar
  • Change status bar text
  • Change images

If your website relies on any of the functionality listed above, you might want
to consider a redesign. I’m not saying that Firefox is about to take over the world
(though I certainly wouldn’t mind if it did), but I think it’s safe to say that
the trend is toward giving end users more control over their experience. And in
the end, users will simply appreciate your site more if it behaves the way they
want it to rather than the way you want it to.

One Response to Advanced JavaScript Settings in Firefox

  1. paulc says:

    Netscape (Netfox? Firescape?) 8 Beta lets you specify those advanced settings per-domain, if and only if you choose to render that page in Gecko. Nice feature, I wish FF let you do that by domain. Is there an extension out there for that?