I Need a New Aggregator

An unfortunate thing happened to me this morning. I have an old evaluation of NetNewsWire installed alongside the free version of NetNewsWire Lite which I use(d) extensively on a daily basis. This morning, when using Quicksilver to open NetNewsWire Lite, I accidentally opened the old expired evaluation version of NetNewsWire. For some reason, it overwrote all my NetNewsWire Lite feeds with the default list of feeds that come with the application.

This is very much not a good thing. I’m sure I had well over 100 feeds pertaining to everything that interests me (mostly technology, but also some personal weblogs, watch weblogs, etc.). I have a backup from November that will allow me to recover many of my feeds, but my collection was constantly evolving and being refined, so the last four months of tweaks are gone.

Anyway, enough lamenting. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to start fresh with a new collection of feeds, new organization, and certainly a new aggregator. I really like(d) NetNewsWire, but I don’t think I can bring myself to use it again. Additionally, I’m tired or waiting for the 2.0 version just to get Atom support (it’s been in beta for a very very long time).

So my first question is what aggregators are Mac users out there using these days? I’m willing to go with either local or web-based. Once I settle on a new aggregator, I will then ask people to post some of their favorite blogs. I’m pretty sure I can have all my old feeds back with a couple of hours of searching and surfing, but I’d like to use this opportunity to find some new, more obscure feeds worth aggregating. That’s a question for another time, though. First the aggregator.