New Aggregator in Testing

Thanks to a comment left by Roger Benningfield in
response to yesterday’s
I am evaluating Shrook.
So far, I’m very happy with it. It has a very iTunes-like interface with a library
containing all your feeds which you add to one or more groups (like playlists).
Below are the features that really set it apart from other aggregators I’ve used:

  • Smart groups. Smart groups dynamically categorize content based on one or more
  • iPod support. Export everything to iPod notes.
  • Server synchronization. Synchronize with Shrook’s servers (which unfortunately
    are currently being upgraded) so you can access your feeds via the web. By synching
    with their servers, you can also sync to other instances of Shrook on other
  • Distributed checking. When new items are found, they are reported to a central
    server which allows other Shrook clients to be updated faster than if they
    simply waited to aggregate.
  • Scrapbook. Drag items into one or more scrapbooks to save for later.

I need to exercise the application for a few more days before shelling out the
$24.95, but so far, it has made a very good first impression on me. In the meantime,
I’ll try some of your other suggestions, as well, just in case.

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