Win $50,000 For Your Short Film

Go to, and in the "Special Features"
section (left-hand column, near the bottom), you’ll find a link to the Short
Film Competition
. It’s actually joint sponsored by Amazon, the Tribeca Film
Festival, and American Express, and the prize for a seven minute or less film in
Macromedia Flash format is no less than $50,000. Here’s some info lifted off their

Welcome, filmmaker! Amazon, the Tribeca Film Festival, and American Express invite
you to premiere your short film to an audience of millions by entering our Short
Film Competition, whose grand prize is an American Express prepaid card in the amount
of $50,000.

Through April 13, we’re accepting submissions of films that have a total running
time of no more than 7 minutes and are appropriate for a general audience.

Starting April 18, the films will be presented to Amazon customers, on a random
basis, in the Tribeca Screening Room at Customers will be invited to
rate the films, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, to determine the five finalists.

At the end of May, the five highest-rated films will each be featured on the
welcome page over five weeks. customers will again be invited to rate
the five finalists to determine the winner.

Any filmmakers out there who could use an extra 50 large?

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