Yahoo! Launches Creative Commons Search

I discovered from Lawrence
that Yahoo! has recently launched a
new search tool
that only searches work licensed under the Creative Commons
license meaning it is free to use and build upon (usually with some restrictions).
This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who does any type of writing or
publishing (including, of course, bloggers).

I really like what I’ve been seeing from Yahoo! lately. I think a lot of people
have considered it a foregone conclusion that Google was going to own search and
the communities around it. I like to see companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft,
and Amazon saying "Not so fast." I think Yahoo! has been most aggressive
in their positioning lately (Y!Q
contextual search
, Firefox
support for their toolbar
, public search
, purchase
of Flickr
etc.), and I think they probably have a better understanding of community than
almost anyone. I expect that we will continue to see impressive tools and services
from Yahoo! in the future as the competition for search and community continue
to heat up.

2 Responses to Yahoo! Launches Creative Commons Search

  1. Pete Freitag says:

    Is this any different than the CC search on Creative Common’s web site?

  2. Al Johnson says:

    I have to agree with the fact that Yahoo is comming in a close second and may take over the search game all together. I know I for one am switching most of my search to Yahoo. I also think their local search tool is the best on the internet.