Cool Tool Friday: Flash-based Email with Goowy

If you haven’t done so already, you might want to check out the Goowy
Mail beta
for a very
different web-based email experience. Goowy Mail is almost completely Flash-based,
and offers a pretty comprehensive set of features like skins, POP integration,
spell checking, junk filters, contacts, and more. Free accounts get you 100MB
of storage, but Goowy Mail Plus and Platinum are coming soon, and will offer
more space as well as additional features.

It’s a pretty impressive app, and definitely worth looking in to. If you want
to send some test emails to get a feel for it, my Goowy email address is

13 Responses to Cool Tool Friday: Flash-based Email with Goowy

  1. Steve Ray says:

    Goowy is great. I’ve been using it for several weeks. I keep telling people that it’s a gorgeous application. The built-in skins are great, and you can upload your own. It’s beauty is more than skin-deep, though. Beyond what you mention, Christian, it also has some right-click and drag-n-drop functionality which you almost never see in a web app. You can easily import contact lists from elsewhere (I did from my Yahoo account). Give it a try.

  2. PaulH says:

    fundamentally flawed. doesn’t support unicode and it took over a month for the developers to even understand this. bah humbug.

  3. Gary Benitt says:

    Paul – I’m one of the founders of goowy mail and I must say that you’re mistaken in your comment. We’ve always known that we didn’t support unicode – its a conscientious decision made when considering things like overall feature sets, initial user demographics, time to market and even infrastructure. That said, we’ve been incredibly responsive to our users and we are releasing full unicode support this week. If this is our only flaw, then I must say we are pretty good at correcting flaws, given that we’re still in Beta.Even if you’re not a full believer, you should keep checking in – you’ll see that we’re constantly improving the product on a weekly basis…

  4. PaulH says:

    well that’s not the impression i got when i fed in my bugs concerning unicode. if i recall correctly the first time thru whoever responded to my bug didn’t even know there was anything wrong, even though the evidence was staring them right in the face. i was asked for “screenshots” of the issue. if that’s not clueless then maybe i am mistaken (but i think i’m not). and what you’re saying here isn’t what was said in the last email from your side on the issue: “which we will address in a future release in the coming months”. though i guess it’s good that you’re doing something about for *not* supporting unicode from the get-go, i mean come on, in this day and age? quit pulling my for other bugs, i have no idea. any s/w that doesn’t support unicode gets a “bah humbug” from me & ignored. though i will occasionally poke it with a stick to see if anything’s changed.

  5. Snoochy says:

    Paul,I have used the application for a few weeks as well and like it alot. Also I have found the goowy team to be very responsive.Its a shame that instead of helping contribute positive feedback you have chosen to be malicious.After all if it is a FREE email application that is still in beta.”because those who can do and those who cant criticize”

  6. Zahavah says:

    I used Goowy yesterday, and it is gorgeous! This is a uniquely designed email site – there is no other like it, that I know of.I understand goowy is still being refined and honed, and I am excited about the general release (Plus and Platinum); I can’t wait to download the finished product.Meanwhile, this is go lovely that I am only using it to contact my family members and special friends. Maybe when the finalized version is released I will switch from Yahoo! to Goowy completely.By the way, I currently use Yahoo! for all my email needs. I really don’t like the way it looks on my browser (Firefox). The HTML is off kilter, and the table setups are all screwy. With Goowy I don’t have that. I get a lovely presentation that is a pleasure to look at. Can you say that about Outlook? Or Earthlink? Or any other mail carrier presently in use? You guys ought to check this site out! It’s dynamic!

  7. PaulH says:

    i would hardly call pointing out an obvious flaw “malicious”. and just to be clear, i do a *lot* of i18n work, so there are the rare occassions that i actually know what i’m talking about. my email’s in these comments, feel free to take up your arguments using that rather than christian’s blog comments.

  8. Well, posting your goowy email address on a well-linked web site like this will certainly be a good test of their anti-spam tools 😉

  9. David says:

    Tried to sign up several times, and got a generic “an error has occurred” message. Certainly not trying again…

  10. Nathan, I’ve gotten plenty of spam since posting the address. (Judging solely by ones email, one would think Nigeria is full of nothing but floundering royalty.)

  11. Alex says:

    Try the updated version of goowy mail and let us know what you think.

  12. chloe says:

    Ok look i am a user and it is a great program but there are no smiley faces no greeting cards no chat no games !!!!!! Also i get rejected from my freinds e-mail i am very young so i do not understand this i am only under 20 … I should be able to use this and then i go to check my mail this morning and i find on the home page a letter saying i can not chack my e-mail for 2 days i have important things i need in their!!!!!!

  13. Alicia says:

    Hey… I believe that is an amazing website that offers various methods and techniques that enable a person to be able to utilize several different features all into one email based program… The display is very sweet with different backgrounds that you may choose from, including your own desktop picture, in addition with dragging features, etc etc. I LOVE GOOOOOOOOWY!