Home From TODCON

I arrived back in San Francisco this afternoon from TODCON in
Las Vegas. It was really an excellent conference. I want to personally
Ray West of Community
for organizing the event (and for the blackjack tips).

This was my second TODCON, and what I really like about this conference is the
feeling of community among the group. It’s a relatively small
conference, but pretty much everyone knows each other, or will get to know each
other by the end. In most cases, attendees are friends as well as colleagues. That
doesn’t mean TODCON is a social event, though. Although there are obviously plenty
of opportunities for socializing, during the day, sessions are focused and informative,
and small enough to be very interactive.

I don’t want to start listing names of people I met and new friends I made for
fear of leaving someone out, but you guys know
who you are. I enjoyed the sessions and the time with the Macromedia community,
and I hope to see you all again next year, if not sooner.