I’ve Been Experimenting with AJAX

I did a new installation of MXNA
last night. In addition to adding "Most Popular"
views (check out the new menu at the top on the right), I’ve also been experimenting
with AJAX. Each post has an "Email to a Friend" option under it. Click it and give
it a try. It exposes an email form and sends your email without ever refreshing
the page. I think it makes for an improved user experience, and works great with
ColdFusion and, after some tweaks, the MXNA 2.0 framework. Expect to see more AJAX
features rolled into MXNA 2.0 in the future.

7 Responses to I’ve Been Experimenting with AJAX

  1. Jeff Dopp says:

    Could you do a show us the code you used to make the “Email to a Friend” work. I have read about it but I haven’t seen anyone use it with CF yet.Thanks

  2. christian,if you dont mind, when you clean it up a bit (if its not already) can you give us a little detail on how you did it?im having a time grasping the concept (i know what how its done) i just suck as javascript :)thanks.tony

  3. Allen Varney says:

    Very nice! I’d like to see the “E-mail to a friend” button be a toggle, so that you can click on it again to remove the e-mail fields.

  4. Hey Christian, pretty nice. Great example fo ajax – clean and easy to follow just looking at your Js code.I have another idea for you: How about adding a “bookmark with del.icio.us” button. That would allow you to add the link from any entry right into your del.icio.us bookmarks.Keep up the great work!Regards,Rob

  5. looking forward to …

  6. Jim says:

    What is the staus of sourcce code availablity?

  7. “What is the staus of sourcce code availablity?”For now, you can get all the source just by viewing it in your browser. None of it is obfuscated or difficult to find. I’ll publish it shortly, but for now, feel free to steal. 🙂