MXNA 2.0: Added Language Navigation and More RSS Support

Macromedia developer Deng Jie recently made
a post
asking us to add language navigation to MXNA 2.0. In other words, he wanted
a list of languages along the right-hand side (just like categories and Smart Categories)
that you could easily click on to browse the most recent posts in that particular
language. Seemed like a good idea to us, so we added it. Check
it out

I also added some additional RSS support in yesterday’s build. Now, whenever you
are looking at a set of data that is available as RSS (which is pretty much everything),
you’ll see a little "rss" link next to the page title. MXNA 2.0 also supports auto-discovery,
so if you’re using Firefox, you’ll notice the little RSS icon in the status bar.