MXNA 2.0 Beta: Day 2

I want to thank everyone for all the feedback we’ve gotten on the MXNA 2.0 beta
so far. We had about 50 additional feed submissions, some great feature requests,
and even a few bug reports. MXNA 2.0 automatically emails errors to me as soon
as they occur, usually with enough information that I can get them fixed pretty
quickly, and you guys helped me uncover a couple good ones faster than any QA team
could have.

I installed a new build last night with the
following changes:

  1. Added the Danish, Turkish, and Indonesian languages.
  2. Fixed a bug in mobile smart categories. If you’ve been trying to view smart
    categories on your mobile device (I know you’re out there because I saw the bug
    reports), they’re working now.
  3. Fixed a bug in the search term RSS. MXNA 2.0 lets you create
    custom RSS feeds
    from aggregated data, including feeds based on search terms.
    Yesterday search-based feeds were broken, today they are not.
  4. Added the number of feeds being aggregated in the header. Expect that number
    to continue to rise, especially for non-English feeds.
  5. Removed the code that automatically focused the cursor in the search box so
    you can now use the space bar or arrow keys to scroll down without having to
    click on the page first.
  6. Fixed a bug that was causing the application to fail when rendering pages that
    we can’t translate yet. Yesterday, I added our first Russian
    which threw
    things off a bit since MXNA 2.0 does not support Russian translations yet.
    Anyway, I fixed the bug on our end, and will add support for Russian translations
    as soon as it’s supported by Google (our translation engine).
  7. Added about 50 new weblogs, most non-English. I’m really glad to be able to
    include the rest of the world in MXNA 2.0.
  8. Worked out some kinks in the ping mechanism. After you make a new post, be sure
    to ping MXNA 2.0 so
    we can aggregate your work right away. You can configure
    your blogging application
    to do the ping automatically, or you can easily do it manually just by typing
    in your site’s URL.

I think that’s all. Anyway, on to today’s list of updates!

One Response to MXNA 2.0 Beta: Day 2

  1. Jim says:

    Is the source code going to be made available?