MXNA 2.0 Public Beta

I’d like to invite you all to participate in the MXNA
2.0 beta
.  MXNA (Macromedia
XML News Aggregator) 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original version of MXNA
with several new features including:

  1. Smart Categories.
  2. Support for non-English feeds.
  3. Localization support.
  4. Self-service site submission.
  5. Improved ping support.
  6. Ability to translate posts (using Google’s translation
  7. Ability to generate custom RSS feeds from MXNA 2.0.
  8. Improved search including
    an advanced search option.
  9. Huge performance improvements.
  10. Improved (we think) interface.
  11. New design (thanks to Josh Dura).
  12. Much better web service API.
  13. More powerful mobile interface.
  14. Atom support.
  15. Pre-fetching and caching of top rated items.

You can find the new version of MXNA here:

If you are not already aggregated by MXNA, you can submit your feed

If your language is not listed, let
us know
, and we’ll add it. All languages are

Keep in mind that this is a beta, which is fancy way of saying that there are
bugs to be fixed, and kinks to be worked out. Please email any issues you find
to Some additional

  1. The original version of MXNA will remain active for the time being, but eventually
    all MXNA traffic will be redirected to MXNA 2.0. You might as well start
    updating your bookmarks now.
  2. All new weblogs will be added to MXNA 2.0 only.
  3. The MXNA 1.0 web service API will be deprecated eventually in favor of the much
    more comprehensive 2.0 API.
  4. If you have a ping URL, you will need to update it by replacing ""
    with "". Eventually pings will be redirected, but it’s
    still best to start using the new URL.
  5. Some non-English feeds are not parsing correctly for some reason which I think
    has to do with character encodings. The majority are working fine, but some are
    not readable. If you have any insight into what the problem might be, let
    me know
    . Otherwise, I’ll get it figured out and fixed during the beta period.

Thanks for helping us test, and let us know what you think.