MXNA 2.0 Reports

In case you haven’t noticed, the beta version of MXNA
being rolled out incrementally. Today’s increment: MXNA
2.0 reports

Mike Chambers and I have been working on and off on the new MXNA 2.0 reports,
along with a general reporting framework, for a couple of weeks now, and I think
they turned out really well. We used Flex and the Flex charting components for
the graphs themselves, and AJAX (JavaScript) to load and render post data without
refreshing the page. The charts are
populated with data through the MXNA
2.0 web services
, and can express that data
in a variety of ways as the user interacts with them. And when the user clicks
on certain parts of the chart, the relevant posts are rendered below using AJAX,
almost instantaneously. The whole experience allows for a great deal of interactivity
without a single page refresh, and with almost no waiting.

We feel that combining Flash and AJAX in this instance allows us to get the best
of both worlds, and really gives the user a unique and immediate user experience.
Flash/Flex were perfect for the charts, and really allowed us to focus on the data
and the presentation rather than the mechanics of the charts themselves. Using
AJAX to render the post data allowed us to reuse the exact same rendering code
that the rest of the application uses when displaying posts, and because it is
HTML, it allows for things like shift-clicking on links, and native browser scroll

We have several more reports in the pipeline, but we probably won’t be launching
any more this week since I’m in Las Vegas as TODCON.
If you have any ideas for specific reports that you would like to see, let
us know
. We want to make sure we
are presenting the community with the most useful information we can.

2 Responses to MXNA 2.0 Reports

  1. luar says:

    really impressive

  2. Ryan Guill says:

    These are awesome, if only I could afford flex…