Research is to Yahoo! what Labs is to Google

If you’re a Google worshiper, and a big fan of, keep an open mind and check out and for
a list of very cool beta technologies that Yahoo! is working on. My favorite? The
Yahoo! Buzz Game
. Anyone here already playing?

4 Responses to Research is to Yahoo! what Labs is to Google

  1. I’ve been playing the Buzz game since not long after it came out. It’s been having, um, shall we say growing pains though. Still entertaining!

  2. Spike says:

    Yup.I’ve been playing for just over a week.Currently in 9th spot :)It will be interesting to see what they roll out as a fix later to day for the issues they’ve been having.

  3. I put 2,000 on Flex and lost most of it. 😛

  4. Nathan D says:

    Given how strong Yahoo is coming on by reacting to Google, I have to wonder if we’ll look back and compare Yahoo to Google as we now think of Microsoft to Apple (or, at least thought that way until a couple years ago).