Cool Tool Friday: Google Homepage

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen Google’s new ability to create your own custom homepage. Just wanted to gather some thoughts. What do you think? I think it’s pretty slick. I like the drag and drop functionality. Unfortunately everything they offer is information I pretty much already get elsewhere through aggregators or widgets of one type or another, but I’ll see how having them all in one place on my browser’s homepage works out for me.

Anyway, how many of you have switched the Google homepage? If you haven’t, why? What do you have set as your homepage instead?

9 Responses to Cool Tool Friday: Google Homepage

  1. Ryan Guill says:

    As a concept, I love it. I have been waiting for something like this from google for a while. As an end judgement as it currently stands, it needs more work. There is just so much this page could do and offer, and let the users decide how complex or streamlined it needs to be. things like todo lists, rss feeds, more options for things like the weather pod, a google calendar maybe?!, maybe a quicklinks/bookmark list, these are the things that would make it awesome. It also seems to have some trouble keeping me logged into it, even though I never have trouble with my gmail account. It just seems like it still needs a lot of work. Also they havent put the very googlesque beta on it which surprises me. Overall “OK, so ten out of ten for style, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?”

  2. PaulH says:

    interesting concept but the layout can’t be controlled enough (in firefox anyway) to make it comfortable for me to use. and of course it’s still US centric (weather, movies, etc.). though the approach it takes w/weather forecasts is better than the thunderbird widget i use which only reports current conditions (though it does offer global coverage).

  3. I don’t remember the last time I visited the Google homepage. If I want to search for a currency converter, I type “g currency converter” in my Firefox address bar.

  4. BobChao says:

    I’ve tried Google Homepage yesterday. It’s really cool, but I’ll remain my homepage to blank, just because I don’t use any homepage for many years.

  5. Craig says:

    I am not quite ready to have a specific home page. Other than the one that firefox uses as it’s link to google, as it’s default.IT looks nice, and has some nice info, but it would require a lot more than that, to change to another home page.And i’ve tried a lot of them, thru the years, my excite, my yahoo. And most of them are blase, boring. So it just pays to have a fast loading home page, then you can go to real work.

  6. I had my home page as blank until Google’s offering. It’s nice and uncluttered. I like being able to surface my Gmail alongside weather, some stocks and the BBC news headlines, as well as local movies. It’s just minimalist to appeal to my aethestics but useful enough to be worthwhile.

  7. dan says:

    Really nice tip, is there an email address to email you at? I would like to ask your opinion on something… dan

  8. Patrick says:

    I think Google is headed in the right direction, but the perfect homepage would be a combination of features from their custom pages and myYahoo’s custom pages. Google needs the ability to customize the style and more importantly the content itself. JMHO

  9. David N. says:

    At this site ( ), you can make a custom Google homepage using your own pictures and have a calender and a list of your favorite links!