Google to Place Ads in Feeds

Google AdSense is now offering authors of syndicated content a way to monetize their feeds through the new AdSense for Feeds program (in beta, of course). So if you use an aggregator to help you get away from the clutter of internet advertising, sorry, but you’ll have to think of something else.

I’m not criticizing the program, though. Nobody has to put ads in their feeds, and nobody has to aggregate feeds with ads. And I’m all for website owners generating a little revenue (or a lot) from the sites they put so much time and energy into. I just think it’s a little humorous how whenever something starts to take off, it’s only a matter of time before it is infused with advertisements. I predict in six to nine months, the majority of feeds you aggregate will be showing ads, just like Slashdot is already doing, and I further predict that the majority of those ads will be served by Google.

So how many of you will put ads in your feeds? Will you continue to aggregate feeds with ads in them? And what impact will this have on web-based aggregators like MXNA? I’m going to have to give this some serious thought.

6 Responses to Google to Place Ads in Feeds

  1. Steve Ray says:

    It seems inevitable, but I have my doubts as to how effective it’ll be. I tend to agree with Dave Winer and Nick Bradbury on this issue. See Dave’s post about it here:

  2. LeegleechN says:

    Actually I saw adds on the boingboing feed and just used adblock, and it worked perfectly. The bigger issue is that rss is meant to be machine readible, but if there’s a way for a machine to parse adds to skip them, all the rss readers will. So the people who do this are basically breaking the whole point of rss.

  3. Currently all of the House of Fusion lists have RSS feeds that show the first 255 characters of the post. I’ve been planning to have a second group of feeds with the entire post and have not gotten around to it yet. I’m planning on adding the google adwords to the expanded feed. Those who don’t want the ads have the original and those who want to get an enhanced feed gets an ad or two. Looks like the best of all worlds to me as it does not take anything away from users but instead adds in something new.

  4. JesterXL says:

    I plan on creating a full text feed (since I have just 1 partial now) with Google RSS ads in it. That way, existing users & sites aren’t affected, but the 30% Urchin says are using aggregators can choose to have full text feeds instead.If you get the partial feed, you come to my site, have Google text ads. If you get the full feed, you don’t have to come to my site, but have rss feed ads. You’ll still get the benefit of RSS by using a full-text feed; probably 6k vs. the 256k my front-page is currently, hehe!

  5. Luca says:

    I agree that it was inevitable. Like earlier stages of the interweb there was a bright window while RSS cut through all the crud – that window seems too short now that is closing…As Christian and Steve point out it remains to be seen how effective it will be, and there will be workarounds for many of the ad tactics – hopefully some of the originial spirit of this aspect of the web will live on, accessibly.To those who greet RSS ads with glee, I can only say that I can’t relate to that perspective….For the rest of us, I guess it will soon be time to look for – and contribute to – another temporary autonomous zone somewhere out there.

  6. Melbourne says:

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