I’m Looking for AJAX Applications

As you are probably aware, I’ve been working with AJAX techniques recently, and
I’ve been very impressed, especially with the Flash
we’ve been able
to accomplish. And now I need your help. What are the coolest AJAX sites you’ve
seen out there? I’m looking for sites that inspire and amaze!

13 Responses to I’m Looking for AJAX Applications

  1. Ryan Guill says:

    one of my favorites: http://www.panic.com/goods/great shopping cart, drag and drop functionality,add an item to your cart and pull it back out *poof*

  2. David Bisset says:

    You might be seeing it on Flickr soon, replacing Flash.http://www.davidbisset.com/?p=2623No word on time, if it happens – but considering it’s just Ajax, it could be just a few months away…

  3. It’s a shameless plug, but we have quite a few cool ones, starting with our site.Check http://www.backbase.com itself, and check out or demos. Everything is 100% what you guys call Ajax. I guess, we have to call it the same.

  4. John Dowdell says:

    Jason Kottke has a new menu system, which does not rely on a whole-page refresh in order to change the display:http://www.kottke.org/(See the “Currently Displaying” dropdown at the top of the page.)

  5. Fernando says:

    It’s not a great use of AJAX but we use it for the mediaplayer panel at http://www.mediatuner.comwww.gmail.com uses it extensively.

  6. Kenny Bunch says:

    This stuff has been around for a while. I actually came to Flash from DHTML, and so a lot of my original work in flash was mixtures of the 2 technologies. I currently don’t have any of my old stuff up, but will probably post it again soon.In my opinion, Aaron Boodman was always one of the better developers of this nature. He is actually at Google now, having left Microsoft. Check out http://webapp.youngpup.net, I believe he finished it in 2000. The menu knob is flash interacting with the DHTML. The interesting thing is the site was viewable in many different formats using xslts.Aaron also posted an open source project muse.net which can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/muse7800client/ which basically allowed u to universally control your music collection from anywhere.If you want some more links let me know. I’ll look through my knowledge base and pull some things out for you.

  7. rob says:

    I don’t know if it’s amazing, but I like it – my photo gallery http://www.robrohan.com/gallery It uses Javascript remoting (aka ajax) to load the photo gallery (Use the top left to load a gallery notice no page refresh).

  8. Patrick Whittingham says:

    There is a section in http://del.icio.us for ajax. This is a great site.

  9. Mark Kahn says:

    it’s still under HEAVY construction, and as such I havn’t gotten around to making this work in anything other than IE6-win. Not everything works yet, but most of what you see should.http://test.webstorepackage.com/poing/virtualweb/customink.asp

  10. John says:

    Nice implementation of AJax with codfusionhttp://www.indiankey.com/cfajax

  11. Geoff says:

    The XM Radio Online player uses Ajax (and Flash) extensively for loading in the ‘now playing’ data. Then it uses Flash to display the current song / channel data and load in the logos of the Channels.http://listen.xmradio.com/

  12. Jameson Hsu says:

    We launched an open source project called MochiKit (http://www.mochikit.com) that’s a JavaScript framework to make your AJAX projects easier. You can see it in action along with the Macromedia Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit at MochiBot.com (http://www.mochibot.com). I’d love to hear what you think.

  13. Cory Rauch says:

    Inspire and Amaze? Thats a big request, actually I work for a company that does Ajax applications, and our pride and joy in terms of Ajax applications is our Sysbotz Enterprise Software package. Its a business application frame work and comes with a Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory application pre-programmed to get the user started. It comes with a library of DHTML rich widgets (Grids, Date Controls, etc) and features a relatively easy to use XML presentation syntax with a event model which php code can attached too. You can see it at:http://www.sysbotz.com